Our pizzeria, the start of it all.

Thirty years ago, a woodworker from Carini, Sicily, founded JoJo’s on 22. He brought with him ten years of hard-earned experience in the pizza business, and a lifetime of dedication to a solid work ethic and superior craftsmanship. As the pizzeria grew, Frank hired additional employees, passing on the skills and knowledge he’d obtained. Over the years, JoJo’s on 22 grew from a small, unknown pizza shop into a staple of the West Hanover area.


The Sicilian pizza is similar, but features a thicker crust and an immediately recognizable rectangular shape. When finished, it’s cut into squares before serving.


Our Neapolitan pizza is the most familiar. Our homemade dough is tossed into a circular shape, smothered with sauce made in-house, and then topped with mozzarella cheese before baking.


Nona’s pizza is our newest offering.  While square like the Sicilian, it has the thinner crust of the Neapolitan, and is created with a unique layering of sauce, cheese and spices.

A labor of love and attention to detail

A pile of lumber and nails can’t form a house without help, and the finished product is only as good as the the hands that built it. In the same way, time-tested recipes and the finest ingredients go a long way toward making the best food, but they aren’t enough by themselves. From dough to sauce to finished pizza, stromboli and calzone, our cooks take pride in their craftsmanship, and it shows in everything our pizza shop has to offer. 

And more than great pizza…

 Our dedication to quality doesn’t stop with the oven. We offer a full selection of hot and cold subs, salads, burgers, appetizers, wraps, and traditional Italian meals throughout the lunch and dinner hours.