JoJo’s Italian Restaurant

2019 Valentine’s Menu

Available Thursday, February 14th through Saturday, February 16th

During our Valentine’s Day celebration, our creative culinary team focuses on these remarkable creations. A very limited list of selections from our traditional fine dining menu is available: ask your server for more information.


14Shrimp Cocktail

Six jumbo shrimp, chilled and served with our homemade cocktail sauce and lemon slices.


Served with dinner salad, fresh homemade Italian bread.

45Filet Mignon

An eight-ounce filet, topped with our special creamy bleu cheese brandy sauce to bring a smooth, smoky finish. Served with a fresh vegetable medley and scalloped potatoes.


Verlasso salmon served with scalloped potatoes and fresh vegetable medley. A creamy lemon sauce, made with garlic, oil, fresh lemon juice, and white wine perfectly complements this delicious fish.

28Seafood Lover's Dream

Jumbo shrimp, clams, and mussels served with perfectly prepared linguine pasta and topped with our house marinara.

29White Truffle Chicken & Shrimp

Tender, juicy chicken and shrimp with casarecce pasta and a white truffle sauce. The sauce for this dish is prepared with white truffle oil, olive oil, sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, fresh herbs, heavy cream, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.


Available exclusively as a sweet finale with our Valentine’s Day entrées.

Featured Beverages

9.00Creamy Raspberry and White Chocotini

Godiva white chocolate liqueur and raspberry vodka, chilled and garnished with raspberries and chocolate sauce.

9.00Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini

Raspberry vidka and white crème de cocoa, chilled and shaken with a Hershey kiss and raspberries.

8.00Valentine's Cosmopolitan

Vodka, liqueurs, and fruit juices combine to form a delightfully sweet, refreshing drink that pairs with any course.

St. Valentine’s Wine Accompaniment

We couldn’t pick just one perfect bottle of wine to accompany our exquisite Valentine’s Day creations, and we don’t expect our friends to do so either.

To help, we’re offering a tour of some of our favorites to accompany our featured Valentine’s Day meals. Choose one glass to pair with your appetizer or salad, another with your entrée, and a third to enjoy as you finish with dessert.


View the wine list.