“The best stories in the world –
in any language, from any culture, of any time
– are love stories, full of desire and passion and perseverance.”

Thirty years ago, a woodworker from Carini closed shop – mass production had gradually forced many smaller craftsmen out of business. The art he’d pursued and loved had changed. Rather than go to work for a soulless corporation, he traveled to the United States, alone but for his determination and commitment to excellence.

When he arrived, the young man found employment at a pizza shop in Bensalem, PA. He worked sixteen hour days, seven days a week, going from dishwasher to cook, cook to baker. He learned English from coworkers and patrons, from pop music and a dictionary he studied at night. Finally, his employer taught him the coveted art of pizza making.

As the young man became a man he began to travel, gaining new knowledge, skills and friends. He studied dinner preparation under experienced restaurant chefs, and dessert creation with a pastry chef who’d apprenticed in Pisa. The dedication, passion and love he’d once shown woodworking now focused on a new pursuit: the art of the restauranteur.

The man settled in south-central Pennsylvania in 1990. Together with a friend, he opened a pizza shop on Route 22 in Skyline View, PA, just outside Harrisburg. For two years they toiled together, and the man’s friend mentored him in running a successful business. In 1992, he bought out his friend’s share and became the proud owner of his own pizza shop.

As the business grew, the man hired employees and taught them the skills he’d worked hard to obtain. His honesty, ethics and dedication to the mastery of his craft helped the business to grow. The original JoJo’s was demolished in the fall of 2010, and the new JoJo’s on 22 building opened in the spring of 2011.

Our new facilities allow JoJo’s on 22 to offer three distinct dining experiences: the casual pizzeria, the more formal dining room and the relaxed outdoor bistro. But a successful restaurant requires more than amazing ambiance and superb staff. Our talented team is proud to be able to please any palate, with offerings from caprese to cannoli, stromboli to spaghetti, pizza to pasta pescatore. The fully stocked bar features domestic and imported beers, liquors and wines: we can offer the perfect pairing to any dish.

In 2017, we made the most important addition to the restaurant to date when our founder’s son joined us, truly making JoJo’s on 22 a family business. And, in the most positive of ways, like father like son: he has all his father’s drive, determination, and dedication to excellence, coupled with the talent and innovative spirit of a new generation.

Come, join us. Relax, and savor delicious food and drink prepared by professionals focused on providing only the best. Experience the culmination of five decades of commitment to pride in craftsmanship.

Reward your dedication to excellence by joining us to enjoy ours.